26 March 2023

Boat excursion on Lake Garda

Are you looking for an excursion on Lake Garda to spend a day with the family or to treat your sweetheart to an unforgettable moment? Rely on those who have been organising boat trips on Lake Garda for over 70 years.

Garda Escursioni, which has been providing passenger transport services on Lake Garda since the 1950s, offers a precise, punctual and professional service with boats of different sizes to allow guests to enjoy sailing while admiring the beauty of Lake Garda.


Lake Garda excursions for individuals and groups

If you feel like organising a weekend with friends or want to unplug and enjoy a moment of absolute peace while admiring the most beautiful villages of Lake Garda, Garda Escursioni is the solution you are looking for. Excursions on Lake Garda are suitable for small or large groups, couples and families.

In addition to sailing, stops are clearly planned to admire some of Italy’s most beautiful villages.


Boat trips for groups

When booking a boat trip on Lake Garda for a group, dates, routes and times can be arranged directly according to specific requirements. All at an advantageous price suitable for all budgets.

Furthermore, with a minimum number of 30 paying persons, the guide or any accompanying person will not incur any cost.

Dates, routes and times of boat tours can be arranged directly according to your needs.


Boat wedding service

For your wedding we propose a splendid boat cruise on Lake Garda among the most evocative landscapes with the possibility of a customised tour or simply a transfer to celebrate and celebrate the most important moment in the most characteristic places on the lake.


Visit Malcesine

Malcesine, for example, is a must-see location. It is located on the Veronese coast of the lake and is called the ‘Pearl of the Lake’ precisely because it impresses visitors with breathtaking views and the architectural charm of its historical centre, rich in suggestive corners and beautiful views of the lake.

Malcesine is also perfect for sports enthusiasts: there is surfing, sailing, mountain biking and nature walks.


Visit Limone del Garda

Limone sul Garda is located on the Brescian coast of Lake Garda. Once a small fishing village, today it has become a tourist and health resort with modern hotel and camping facilities. Every Tuesday there is a characteristic market on the Limone lakefront.

Reaching these two towns on opposite shores of the lake by car or motorbike is particularly complicated not only because of the distance but also because of the traffic, which becomes particularly heavy in the summer. The best solution for visiting Limone Malcesine is a nice boat trip on Lake Garda.


Excursions on Lake Garda

For those interested in visiting Limone and Malcesine, Garda Escursioni has two proposals.


TOUR DESCRIPTION Limone – Malcesine

The price of the return ticket is only €9.

Regular departures of the ferry to Malcesine from the Porto Nuovo in via Lungolago Marconi, opposite Hotel Sole, from early in the morning, enjoying the crossing of Lake Garda with us.

Periodic stops can be made until late afternoon, allowing you to visit the centre of Malcesine with the Scaligero Castle and the Palazzo dei Capitani, or climb to the summit of Monte Baldo with the panoramic cable car.


TOUR DESCRIPTION Malcesine – Limone

Again, the ticket costs only €9.

Regular departures of the ferry to Limone sul Garda from Via Roma, in front of the Oasi bar, early in the morning enjoying the crossing of Lake Garda with us.

It is possible to stop off at regular intervals until late afternoon to visit Limone sul Garda with its Museum of Tourism, the Castél Lemon House, the Villa Boghi Garden, the Comboni Missionary and the evocative churches of S. Benedetto, San Rocco and San Pietro in the olive grove. You can also stroll along the lakeside promenade, full of shops, or reach the new cycle-pedestrian path overhanging the lake. Every Tuesday, as we said, there is a market just 50 metres from the embarkation point.


TOUR DESCRIPTION Malcesine and Limone by night

The villages of Malcesine and Limone are also enchanting in the evening, so Garda Escursioni has an evening excursion of Lake Garda on the programme.

In this case, the cost of the return ticket is €13.

Departure is on Thursday from Malcesine at 8:30 p.m. from our embarkation point in Via Roma, opposite the Oasi bar. After the atmospheric night-time crossing of the lake, there will be a stop in the village and free time to visit the old town centre, go shopping, or simply enjoy dinner until 10:30 p.m.

Departure from Limone is scheduled on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. from Porto Nuovo, in via Lungo Lago Marconi, in front of Hotel Sole. In this case too, there will be a stop to visit the historic centre, go shopping or have dinner. The return to the respective departure points is scheduled for 11 p.m..


TOUR DESCRIPTION Tuesday Limone happy market

For those interested solely in visiting the characteristic market of Limone del Garda, there are departures from Malcesine every half hour from the boarding point in Via Roma, opposite the Oasi bar. In this case, the ticket price for adults is €7, €4 for children, and €4 for dogs.


Visiting Sirmione

The Sirmione peninsula (4,800 inhabitants), which enters the waters of Lake Garda from the south for 4 km, is both a spa and tourist centre. Thanks to its location, easily accessible via the Gardesana road and the motorway, Sirmione has undergone rapid development in recent years.

There are also the famous ‘Grotte di Catullo’, representing the remains of an ancient Roman villa, and every Friday there is a market.


Visit Bardolino

On the east coast of Lake Garda, where Monte Baldo turns into the moraine hills, lies Bardolino (6,000 inhabitants), an ancient fishing village, which also gives its name to a famous red wine. The mild climate favours the development of Mediterranean flora with olive trees, cypresses and oleanders. The centre lies between two streams that at their mouths form small peninsulas in the Garda Lake.

Garda Excursions organises a tour to visit the whole of Lake Garda and admire the beauty of the towns just mentioned: Sirmione and Bardolino.



DEPARTURE from Malcesine: 8:45 a.m. from the jetty on the Malcesine lakefront, Via Roma, in front of the Oasi bar.

Departure from Limone: 9:30 a.m. Departure from Limone’s new harbour on the lakefront, Lungolago Marconi in front of Hotel Sole.

RETURN scheduled for 5 p.m. in Malcesine and 5:15 p.m. in Limone.

The excursion begins by skirting the western shore of Lake Garda, glimpsing characteristic and historic locations such as Gargnano (Villa Feltrinelli, Mussolini’s living room), Garda Island, and Sirmione, where disembarkation is scheduled at 11:30 a.m. with two hours of free time to visit the characteristic streets within the walls.

At 1:30 p.m. navigation will resume from Sirmione to admire the Scaliger Castle and the Grottoes of Catullus from the lake, heading towards the eastern shore of Lake Garda and arriving in Bardolino, where disembarkation for a visit to the town is scheduled at 2:15 p.m. with a break of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

At 3:45 p.m, the boat will depart from Bardolino, passing Garda, Punta San Vigilio, Torri, Malcesine and finally Limone.

TOUR DESCRIPTION Lake tour from Riva del Garda

The previous itinerary can also be done by embarking in Riva del Garda. In this case, departure is scheduled at 8:40 a.m. from the east side of Porto della Rocca, via Giardini di Porta Orientale no. 5; return to Riva del Garda is scheduled for about 5:30 p.m.

The itinerary, as we said, is the same as the previous one, only the times change slightly.

The excursion begins by skirting the western shore of Lake Garda, glimpsing characteristic and historic locations such as Gargnano (Villa Feltrinelli, Mussolini’s living room), Isola del Garda, and Sirmione, where we disembark at 11:15 a.m. to enjoy 2 hours of free time.

At 1:15 p.m.: departure from Sirmione to admire the Scaligero Castle and the Grotte di Catullo from the lake, heading towards the eastern shore of Lake Garda, arriving in Bardolino at 2 p.m. and then taking an hour and a half break to visit the town.

At 3:30 p.m.: departure from Bardolino, passing by Garda, Punta San Vigilio, Torri, Malcesine and Limone and returning to Riva at about 5.30 p.m.


Boat excursions on Lake Garda can be purchased online on the Garda Escursioni website, at the offices in Limone and Malcesine, or at the docking points in the ports of Limone, Malcesine and Riva del Garda.